Battenfield Horsemanship

10 Day Training and Tune Up

 Have you always wanted a partner instead of just a horse? A partner that trusts and respects you, instead of a horse that doesn't care you exist. You know the one; the horse that steps on your toe, drags lazily behind a lead rope, whinnies at every horse in the barn, or takes an acre to get stopped or turned around? Trainer Michael Battenfield specializes in correcting all of these issues and more which allows you to have the partner you've always dreamed of!

  Michael Battenfield  is a certified Natural Horsemanship Trainer. Certified through England's Versatile Horsemanship.  Michael's 10 Day Tune Up will involve taking 10 horses through 10 days of natural training. Michael will work with horses of any age and any breed.

 Michael will be accepting:

·         Foals

·         Unstarted horses

·         Problem horses

·         Trained horse in need of a tune up

What will you be receiving:

·        A Chance to watch a professional trainer work with your horse!

·        A day by day progression sheet!

·        A final evaluation sheet!

·        One free private lesson!

 Cost: $1,000 per horse plus board

6 horse minimum / 10 horse maximum

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