Training horses is not the #1 thing in Michael's life, it's sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of his favorite places to have a clinic is at a Cowboy Church. Michael uses the relationship between horse and man to show the relationship between man and God. 

Michael believes that the only way to God the Father is through the Lord Jesus Christ. He believes that God sent his only Son born of a virgin to the earth He created to live the perfect life that we could not. Then He died on a cross for our sins, was buried, only to arise three days later conquering death. After this He ascended into heaven where He sits at the right hand of the Father God.

 He believes that the Bible is the inerrant word of God and that it promises us that Jesus will return to take back with Him all those who believe by faith in Him.

What is Church On A Horse?


 Church On A Horse is an amazing opportunity to see Professional Trainer Michael Battenfield take a unridden horse through his Natural Horsemanship colt starting process, while presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 He takes any horse 2 years of age or older and starts it under saddle. Michael does not like asking a horse for more than is can handle so he asks that the horses at least be halter broke.

 Most of the time he is able finish the demo without the horse breaking a sweat or bucking. He greatly values being able to keep a horse in such a great state of mind, but most importantly he enjoys being able to share the Gospel.

 He knows that he can never pay God back for the gift that He has given him. So he just boldly shares what God has done through Christ in his life every chance he gets. Using the gifts that God has given him.


What Does Michael need for the demo? 

1. Prayer

2. A horse that has never been saddled or a horse that has had a really bad experience under saddle.

3. A 45-60 ft round pen.

4. The Ground - the ground does not matter, plowed or unplowed. No rock or debris.

5. Sound system - Michael has a wireless pa system designed for horsemanship clinics, with the capability of reach a crowd of 5,000. His pa consists of one really loud horn speaker. For higher quality sound he recommends renting a sound system or using your local churches.

Any questions? Contact Michael!

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